About the Initiative

Voices for Lowering Cholesterol is a unique information platform that gathers information, advice, and suggestions, helping people protect their heart health and manage their blood cholesterol.

We live in a world where information abounds, but with a wealth of information comes a lot of noise and with noise comes confusion. So, what can people really do to actively lower their LDL-cholesterol blood levels? This platform includes voices from some of the world’s leading scientific experts, including clinicians, cardiologists, healthcare practitioners, and dieticians. This platform is focused on answering a range of common questions surrounding blood LDL-cholesterol, its impact on cardiovascular disease (CVD), and what people can do to lower their blood LDL-cholesterol.

IPSSA Chairman (2015 – July 2018) and R&D Director Northern EU & Nutrition at Unilever BCS R&D, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Voices for Lowering Cholesterol is an initiative of the International Plant Sterols and Stanols Association (IPSSA). Our aim is to provide more information on the importance of blood LDL- cholesterol as a key modifiable CVD risk factor and what people can do in general to reduce the risk of CVD.

We have invited scientists  and clinicians at the forefront of cardiovascular disease and blood LDL-cholesterol research, members and leaders of international societies and associations, dieticians and healthcare practitioners who are on the front lines of helping consumers towards a better health, policy-makers and key opinion leaders, all lending their Voices to our campaign. Our key aim is to raise public awareness to the major risk elevated blood LDL-cholesterol carries for developing CVD. These Voices will be presented on this website and we hope they will provide useful information on CVD as a public health threat, elevated blood cholesterol as a key modifiable risk factor in the development of CVD, and the role of foods with added plant sterols and stanols as a means to efficiently and safely lower blood LDL-cholesterol as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is an ongoing information campaign and we intend to bring more Voices to advise the public, so stay tuned and don’t forget to keep up with our news through Twitter or via e-mail notifications!

IPSSA is an association determined to educate the public on the risks of blood LDL-cholesterol and CVD with the following key messages:

CVD is the leading cause of death in the world

According to the World Heart Federation, cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be the leading cause of death and disability in the world today: over 17.5 million people die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) every year.

Blood cholesterol is a major risk factor in developing CVD – Awareness is the first step

It is now an established fact that blood LDL-cholesterol is a cause of heart disease. However, blood LDL-cholesterol is also considered to be a modifiable risk factor and one that can be managed by lifestyle changes and medication if necessary. The first important step for people is to find out their blood LDL-cholesterol levels through a simple blood test.

Blood cholesterol can be managed and reduced through lifestyle modifications

Introducing simple changes in our lifestyles can go a long way in reducing and managing blood cholesterol levels. Smoking cessation, adopting a more active lifestyle with moderate exercise and switching to a healthier diet is already an important first step.

Plant sterols and stanols are a safe and efficacious way to effectively lower blood LDL-cholesterol

Including foods with added plant sterols and stanols to a balanced, healthy diet can make an important contribution in lowering blood cholesterol: It has been scientifically proven that a daily consumption of foods and food supplements with 1.5 – 3.0g of added plant sterols or stanols as part of the daily diet can lower blood LDL-cholesterol dose-dependently by 7-12.5% in 2-3 weeks.

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